Emergency and Crisis Program Management

The Sawicki Group, LLC

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Additional Business / Industry Assignments:

Member - Governor's Oil Spill Task Force - Washington State

Alternate  - Puget Sound Oil Spill Task Force

Chairman & Board Member - Clean Sound Inc. - oil spill co-operative  (Washington State)

Board Member - Clean Rivers Inc. -  oil spill co-operative (Oregon)

Board Member - Clean Bay Inc. - oil spill co-operative (California)

Board Member - Clean Coastal Waters Inc.  - oil spill co-operative (California)


Professional  assignments in emergency response, crisis management and exploration

   Founder and President - The Sawicki Group LLC

   Crisis Management Superintendent- BP Cherry Point Refinery

   Facility Security Officer (FSO)  - BP Cherry Point Refinery

   Plant Protection Superintendent - BP Cherry Point Refinery

   Crisis Management Director -  Western US - BP 

   Emergency Response Advisor - BP Amoco

   Vice President and Resident Manager - Amoco New Zealand Exploration Co.

   Exploration Team Leader - Pakistan / India / Kenya - Amoco Production Co.

  Exploration and development Geologist - Amoco Production Company

                                              Recognition  and Awards

   Washington State - Governor's Letter of Recognition (2013)

   Whatcom County Peace Builder Award - Crisis Management with agencies & industry (2013)

   Legacy Award Recipient - Pacific States / British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force (2008)

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Dave Sawicki