Emergency and Crisis Program Management


> 21 years of expertise in managing, reviewing, developing, implementing & maintaining emergency and crisis management programs

> Direct, hands - on,  project and / or actual response experience in 10 states and 14 countries

> Proven and recognized success in enhancing collaboration between industry, agencies, communities and NGO's

> Successful management of, and responsibility for, delivering safe and effective emergency and crisis management programs

> Exploration, production, refining, pipelines and terminals

    Providing assistance with review of your existing program capability focusing on alignment of operating risks, internal and external compliance,  

    effective response management and overall program assurance.   




The Sawicki Group, LLC

              dave@sawickigrp.com     cell: 360 739 3975     www.sawickigrp.com

Providing short duration, focused, specific project consultation, design, organization and delivery for:

    - individual entities / businesses

    - multiple entities / businesses i.e. projects designed for, and results shared with participating partners

    - integrated industry and agency partners

Enhance your capabilities ... one task at a time

Dave Sawicki

"Emergency response / crisis management capabilities are continually impacted by dynamic internal and external drivers.
I've often found that my business / project responsibilities would benefit from an extra / expert professional to get a project going,  keep it going, or make  needed enhancements. I've also seen real benefits when project goals and costs are shared / integrated with other industry partners, agencies and communities.
I needed someone to listen,  observe,  ask questions,  and take on a specific task...with a specific budget & timeline. "  David A. Sawicki
                        The Sawicki Group LLC was formed to deliver this type of  service to businesses and agencies .... a task at a time.

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